NetManage Reorganization

NetManage Inc. successfully completed its offer to purchase all outstanding shares of common stock of Wall Data Incorporated on November 24, 1999. With this acquisition, NetManage brings together its eN2000 solutions, its Salvo enterprise-level platform, and the RUMBA product line to provide customers with host access offerings ranging from PC-to-Host to Web-to-Host and server-based solutions. NetManage will continue to provide RUMBA customers with product service and support.

NetManage’s embedded management and support capabilities, key components of the eN2000’s framework, will be extended to RUMBA solutions to provide organizations with a single management and support interface for both desktop and Web users. These enhanced management and support capabilities will enable the practical use of the Web for business applications as well as reducing the ongoing support costs for both NetManage and RUMBA customer installations.

The acquisition of Wall Data was preceded by the acquisition of Simware Inc. in November 1999. Together, these acquisitions add powerful enterprise application integration (EAI) capabilities to NetManage, allowing customers to further extend the reach and value of their legacy data into the new eBusiness economy. NetManage will continue to position itself as a provider of solutions and services enabling its customer an easy migration to the eBusiness market.

With the completion of the acquisition of Wall Data, NetManage will be realigned into three operating groups:

eAccess Group: This group is responsible for all of the existing NetManage and Wall Data connectivity products, including Rumba, ViewNow, HostLink, UNIXLink, OnNet.

eSolutions Group: This group is responsible for the existing Simware Web integration family of Salvo products.

eSupport Group: This group is responsible for the support connectivity solutions including SupportNow, for software support and training, and eDemo.

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