IBM Enters Re-Marketing Agreement with Dimensional Insight

Joanna Doyle

Dimensional Insight Inc. (DI, Burlington, Mass.) announced that it has entered into an agreement to allow IBM representatives and business partners to market DI’s business solution software throughout North America.

Frederick Powers, president and CEO of DI, said that given the already widespread use of DI’s business intelligence solution in conjunction with the AS/400, the decision by both companies to sign a re-marketing agreement was not surprising. Powers said he believes the relationship will benefit both IBM’s and DI’s customers.

“We have seen many examples where our business intelligence solution and IBM’s AS/400 platform have produced excellent results for our customers,” said Frederick Powers, president and CEO of Dimensional Insight. “This re-marketing agreement is a natural step for both companies. It will help us reach a larger audience and provide IBM sales reps with a focused solution for solving specific customer needs.”

One means DI is using to promote its new relationship with IBM is a campaign they have dubbed “The BI Challenge.” In less than a week, DI will use customer data to create a customized BI prototype solution for IBM customers who are considering business intelligence projects. Powers said the program is designed to assist customers’ decision-making.

“We want to be able to show people what they can do with our solution before they commit their budget,” Powers said. “Too often, BI vendors promise the world, but when it gets down to crunch-time, the system can’t handle the size or complexity of the data. We allow prospective buyers to test-drive the system with their own data so they feel confident that it will work in real-life situations.”

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