Levitz Furniture’s WRKDBF Utility: Sofa, So Good!

Ken Deats

AS/400 programmers working for Levitz Furniture Corp. developed a file editor for internal use designed to allow them to easily maintain and display records in AS/400 database files. They dubbed it WRKDBF, and they liked it so much that they decided to make it available as freeware.

Now there’s a new release—WRKDBF 9.02.09—that enhances a developer’s ability to test, debug and maintain database files.

Enhancements include:SQL operations can be submitted to run in batch mode instead of just interactively;SQL operations can now be saved for use at a later time instead of completely recreating your SQL’s each time;Results of an SQL SELECT operation can now be directed to an *OUTFILE, if desired;SQL pattern comparisons “LIKE” and “NOT LIKE” can now be used to select records;And there is now support for “SST” (substring) and “CONCAT” (concatenated) fields.

If you’re interested, a description of the full set of the utility’s features is available on its Web site along with the latest release download. And the developers want to hear from you with comments/suggestions. Send them along to Bill Reger at Levitz Furniture.

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