Digi Partners with Red Hat

Digi International and Red Hat have extended their relationship in an agreement to join in a new set of marketing programs that will enable distributors, resellers and integrators to offer Linux-based communications servers designed to suit the needs of small- to medium-sized businesses. The servers will offer smaller businesses a platform for key business communications applications such as routing, point of sale, remote access and fax.

Digi is a supplier of communications adapter cards for Linux and other major server operating systems. JBSi (Jones Business Systems Inc.), a North American value-added hardware and software distributor, will be one of the first distributors to participate in the program.

JBSi has committed to offering resellers and integrators a variety of white box product bundles. Choices are expected to range from a basic offering of a Digi DataFire or AccelePort communications adapter and the Red Hat Linux operating system to a fully-configured JBSi Terian server, equipped with a Digi communications adapter and Red Hat Linux. All product bundles will include a comprehensive solution guide with instructions on integration and installation. Resellers or integrators can then modify and enhance the system to meet the requirements of specific customers. Comprehensive support will be offered by Digi, Red Hat and JBSi.

Digi brings to the partnership the power and reliability of its industry-leading communications adapters, along with proven experience and success in the third party sales channel and the small- to medium-sized enterprise market. Red Hat will offer its Linux software, combined with a comprehensive support infrastructure that will help make Linux-based communications servers more attractive to smaller companies.

Digi offers the broadest array of remote access adapters in the industry. Digi RAS (Remote Access Server) products can handle as many as 60 ports on a single PCI adapter and support both high-speed analog and digital data lines on the same card at the same time. DataFire RAS adapters provide high-density modems and ISDN B channel connections over T1/E1/PRI lines. AccelePort RAS adapters offer POTS/modem-based remote access connections up to 56Kbps.

For more information, visit Digi's Web site at www.digi.com.

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