WinZip Beta Available

WinZip 8.0 beta 1 is now available for download from the "Beta" link on the WinZip home page. WinZip allows users to manipulate Zip files and other archival/compression formats without a complex command line interface. WinZip 8.0 includes significant enhancements for all WinZip users; the Zip and E-Mail feature zips a document and attaches it to an e-mail message without leaving Explorer. The Wizard can now create and update Zip files, as well as extract and install from MIME and similar encoded files.

The official release of WinZip 8.0 is scheduled for the first half of this year.

Improvements to the WinZip Classic interface make it more Windows-like; for example, an optional Explorer-style toolbar is available, and, when creating or updating an archive, WinZip automatically stores the same subfolders and folder information that Windows Explorer would use for a similar copy operation. As with all WinZip upgrades, registered users of earlier English language versions of WinZip will be able to download a free upgrade to WinZip 8.0.

Key product features include: Quick and easy zip and unzip, including support for multi-disk Zip files; optional Wizard interface to step through the process of unzipping, zipping and installing software distributed in Zip files, and decoding and installing software distributed in encoded files; e-mail support, including one-click Zip and E-Mail from Explorer; Internet file format support: UUencode, BinHex, CAB, self-extracting CAB, TAR, gzip, and MIME (including AOL's MIM files); support for self-extracting files, which are ideal for sending Zip files to users who may not have an unzip utility.

Anyone purchasing WinZip now will receive WinZip 7.0 and can download a free upgrade to WinZip 8.0 when it is released. Visit for more details.

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