Blaze Software Announces Latest Release of Advisor Solutions Suite

Jim Martin

Blaze Software (Mountain View, Calif.)-- a company that specializes in “Beyond Personalization” e-business solutions-- has added additional language and cross platform support with the release of Blaze Advisor Solution Suite 2.6.

Blaze Advisor now supports ten languages and can run on AS/400 and S/390 systems, as well as Compaq’s NonStop Himalaya servers. The enhancements in version 2.6 are designed to enable companies to globalize and scale their e-business personalization solutions across the hardware and software that drive e-business applications.

“E-business reaches a global customer base over the Web and other emerging touchpoints, so businesses must internalize their customer interactions in order to effectively build relationships,” says Tom Kelly, CEO of Blaze Software. “With Advisor 2.6, customers can more effectively build e-business rules that reflect cultural nuances, which are often more difficult to capture in an English-only development environment. With additional support for robust, e-business platforms, companies can scale Blaze Advisor to meet the needs of business growth.”

Languages supported now include: Chinese (Simplified and traditional), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. All development screens, menus and error messages appear in the supported languages.

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