Inventive Designers Offers Help for OV/400 Migration

Joanna Doyle

Inventive Designers (ID, Antwerp, Belgium) announced the release of a new tool designed to assist AS/400 users needing to migrate their data from OfficeVision/400 applications, which will no longer be supported on OS/400. The analysis tool, introduced last week during PartnerWorld 2000, is available for free to AS/400 users.

Last July, IBM announced it would not enhance OfficeVision/400 to support any OS/400 version or release beyond V4R4. IBM suggested that customers migrate to Lotus Notes clients and the native AS/400 Domino server. To assist in this migration process, the new tool from Inventive Designers enables AS/400 operations to determine if and where any OV/400 data text merge and document assembling command or instruction is used on their system or within their applications. It independently searches for OV/400 related activity in OV/400 documents and programs in libraries, and generates detailed reports.

“Inventive Designers is making this tool available to all AS/400 shops for free as a service to the AS/400 community,” says Guy Dehond, managing director of Inventive Designers. “This is due to the fact that the many AS/400 operations may not even be aware that they are using OV/400 code on their systems or within their applications due to the highly integrated nature of the OfficeVision application in to the OS/400 over the last Decade. And with the OV/400 end-of-life looming ever closer, many AS/400 operations may find significant disruptions within their applications when upgrading to new OS/400 release that no longer support OfficeVision applications.”

AS/400 users can obtain the analysis tool by visiting ID’s Web site.

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