SOSINC Finishes Phase 1 of VoIP Network

SOSINC Communications and its subsidiary, Sositel Inc., completed phase 1 of their toll quality Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network, targeting the wholesale and carrier markets. SOSINC Communications can originate and terminate toll quality voice over a private IP network. Completion of the Sositel network is anticipated in the second quarter of this year. Through alliances with Global Crossing, AT&T, Verio and ICG, the Sositel nationwide network has been made possible.

"We have passed the halfway point in the completion of our nationwide IP network and are ahead of schedule," says Founder and Chief Technical Officer Robert Townsend. Over the last sixty days, SOSINC Communications is proud to announce that they have tested the network of traffic without any problems, running over two million minutes. Based on the successful testing, Sositel will increase minutes to thirty million within the next thirty days.

One of the technical obstacles for other companies, is providing high quality voice, signaling small bandwidth and providing remote management and service information. SOSINC service features are designed for the large scale telecommunications industry, that that are accustomed to remote monitoring and service database reporting.

"Unlike other Internet telephony providers, we will be able to provide phone to phone services over our own private IP network. We will dramatically cut the cost of placing domestic and international calls," says Anil Anthony, Chief Operating Officer. SOSINC Communications is a VoIP company, dedicated to providing toll quality voice calls to our customers. "Through our proprietary design, we are able to provide carrier class voice quality to all customers and give them the reliability and scalability to which large scale customers are accustomed."

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