Security Expert Evans Partners with PentaSafe to Educate Consumers

Joanna Doyle

“The grandfather of AS/400” will team up with a leading security software provider to educate users nationwide on AS/400 security issues and solutions.

PentaSafe Inc. (Houston) this week announced a seminar series titled “AS/400 Security Fundamentals” which will be offered free to AS/400 users. The program will feature security expert Wayne Evans, one of the most prominent developers of the AS/400 security system and an IBM developer for 27 years.

“Security is a key concern for companies today, especially those that rely on TCP/IP or other remote connections to the AS/400 to do business,” said Jim Stracka, Chief Technology Officer at PentaSafe. “We hope to educate users about the security issues and possible exposures, the importance of managing system security, and how to do it more effectively. We are honored to have such an icon of AS/400 security educating our users. Wayne Evans’ superior knowledge and level of expertise will carry these seminars to a new level.”

Evans, considered a leading authority on AS/400 security and OS/400, has spent time teaching and speaking on the AS/400 security issues since his retirement from IBM nine year ago. He is a contributor to industry publications, has released a series of security training videos and is a regular speaker at COMMON.

The seminar series will be offered at IBM office locations in St. Louis, Pittsburgh and Milwaukee in the first quarter of 2000, with additional dates in other major cities to be announced throughout the year. Later seminars this year will cover topics such as Unix, NT and Web Server security. AS/400 users can register to attend a free seminar by contacting PentaSafe, (888) 400-2834 or at its Web site

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