Affirmative Takes Action with New Thin-Client

Jim Martin

Affirmative Computer Products (Scottsdale, Ariz.) has added another thin client terminal product to its family with the introduction of the YEStation Extra terminal product line.

A single-board platform with a Cryix 200MHz processor, 8MB of Flash Memory, 32MX RAM, Ethernet 10/100 RJ45 port, two serial, two USB and a parallel printer port, YEStation Extra is available as both a Text Based Terminal (TBT) and a Windows Based Terminal (WBT).

The TBT allows up to 12 terminal sessions configured as 5250 display, 5250 printer, 3270 display or 3270 printer. The WBT supports up to eight sessions of 3270, 5250, Unix, Citrix, ICA or Microsoft RDP connecting to AS/400 and other platforms such as Unix.

“The YEStation Extra is the ideal thin-client solution for users of IBM AS/400 and mainframe because we have focused our system design and keyboard layouts specifically for the IBM market segment,” says Charles Winslow, president of Affirmative. “Other WBT vendors have implemented ICA and RDP but have generic keyboards and mediocre 5250/3270 terminal emulation. We are confident that we will win any beauty contest in our chosen segment.”

The hardware is FCC Class B, UL, CSA, CE and TUV approved. Evaluation units are available now and production units will ship in March 2000. List prices start at $595 and volume discounts are available from Authorized Affirmative Resellers.

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