SecureWay Host Publishers Helps Update Old Applications

Joanna Doyle

IBM announced this week the release of SecureWay Host Publisher 2.1, which allows AS/400 users to extend applications to the Internet or an intranet without changing existing applications.

Using SecureWay Host Publisher 2.1, businesses can enhance older applications with a Web front-end. Administrators can also use the product to integrate multiple sources of host data into a single Web page, so that it appears to the end user as a single new application. Developers can combine existing information sources into composite applications for new users. As a result, SecureWay allows customers to retool existing applications and data to serve new functions.

SecureWay Host Publisher is comprised of Host Publisher Studio, a collection of task-oriented point-and-click tools that serve as the application development environment, and Host Publisher Server, which provides the runtime environment. Users build Web-to-host applications based on reusable Java beans Integration Objects.

Host Publisher Server is designed to provide enterprise-level security, performance and scalability with object chaining, connection pooling, load balancing, failover and cross platform portability. Applications created with the Host Publisher Studio will also run in other operating environments supported by AS/400, including AIX, NT, Solaris and OS/390.

SecureWay Host Publisher will be generally available this month, and runs on any AS/400 platform that supports OS/400 V4R4. Users can obtain detailed instructions on using the technology through an education course offered by IBM, which can be accessed on the Web. To order SecureWay Host Publisher, contact an IBM representative, an IBM business partner or IBM Americas call center at 1-800-IBM-CALL.

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