IDC’s AppSourcing Forum

On April 4th and 5th, IDC will debut a new application service provider (ASP) conference at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco titled "IDC’s AppSourcing Forum." The conference is intended to provide insightful industry analysis and forecasting, offer advice from customers on the qualities they look for in ASPs and support a venue for actionable advice from ASP experts.

"The ASP market is forming at warp speed. It’s exceeding 90 percent compound annual growth and will approach $5 billion in 2003," says Clare Gillan, IDC’s Group Vice President of Applications and Information Access Research. "These numbers are staggering, considering the many outstanding issues pertaining to business models and quality of service, and that ASP partnerships are still being defined — and, in many cases, redefined."

The rise of ASPs is having a disruptive effect on established relations within the IT industry, and many companies are scrambling to determine where and how they will fit in the emerging market. "The evolving ASP business model presents opportunities for new partners, new pricing paradigms, new ways of marketing and selling, and new target customers," says Meredith McCarty Whalen, Program Manager of IDC’s ASP and Internet Services Research.

Conference sponsors include Citrix, EMC, Eggrock Partners, EPiCON, IBM, Oracle Business OnLine, and Progress Software.

To sign up for IDC’s AppSourcing Forum, contact IDC’s registration department at (800) 605-5849 or (978) 597-0133. For more information, visit IDC’s Web site at

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