Ironside Forges Ironworks 4.0

Jim Martin

Looking to move beyond the traditional means of the sell-side business-to-business e-commerce space, Ironside Technologies (Pleasanton, Calif.) has introduced Ironworks 4.0.

In what Ironside COO Derek Smyth dubbed “a revolutionary release,” Ironworks 4.0 has moved beyond its core ability of deploying e-commerce functionality that integrates with ERP systems, by supporting integration for both supply chain and logistics.

One of the new components in 4.0 is Customer Interaction Manager (CIM), which features advanced workflow functionality to increase the quality of customer interaction through options such as automated e-mail and fax customer notifications.

Ironworks 4.0 includes a new feature called Ironside Access that increases the interaction options for both buyers and sellers. Instead of interacting through a Web browser, 4.0 provides customer access through wireless devices, CRM, trading exchanges, auctions, one-to-one marketing and procurement applications. On the seller side, this feature enables them to reach online channels, such as trading communities, procurement applications and buying communities.

“Ironworks 4.0 delivers on Ironside’s commitment to fast, secure and scalable e-commerce solutions designed to match the evolving e-commerce framework,” said Ironside president and CEO Bill Lipsin. “With the largest installed base in the B2B marketplace, more than 125 Ironside powered companies have relied on us to help them respond and grow into the new economy. Ironworks 4.0 positions our customers for success in dozens of radically changing markets, ensuring that their e-commerce capability allows them to secure existing and exploit new market opportunities.”

Ironworks 4.0 will be available on March 1, with the average selling price slated to be somewhere between $200,000 and $300,000.

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