Pericom’s Services Group to Focus on Application Integration

With e-commerce and other initiatives forcing companies to undergo the often-difficult task of integrating data from legacy systems and relational databases, Pericom Software Inc. (Hamilton Square, N.J.) has added another dimension to its portfolio with the launch of its new Middleware Services Group.

The group--which will serve as both a consulting firm and a systems integrator—will make use of three products that perform various roles in integrating data and applications from a wide range of platforms. The Middleware Services Group will examine a potential customer’s needs and propose a solution that stirs in the appropriate mix of those products to meet those needs. From there, the solution is customized and implemented for the customer.

For a company that has historically specialized in terminal emulation products and GUIs, the formation of a services group is a rather bold move. However, it is one that Pericom is very confident about.

“We found that there was a need to integrate various applications and data,” says John Biancamano, Pericom’s VP of sales. “And we also found out that customers liked what we were going to do, but they didn’t want to do the work. We help customers take the disparate systems that are out there and tie them together in a more efficient manner.”

Of the three products that make up the Middleware Services Group, only one is made by Pericom. Scheduled for release in February, Aspect allows access to various legacy systems (AS/400, Unix, S/390, etc.) and also connects to ODBC-compliant databases.

The other two are third-party products. Through a partnership with Information Builders (New York), Pericom is licensed to utilize and resell WebFOCUS, which enables users to quickly and easily build self-service, production reporting and business analysis systems.

The other partnership is with AFP Technology (Morrisville, N.C.) to use its FormScape output management software. FormScape allows a user to take data from any systems and generate custom forms.

“Both companies products’ are leaders in their field,” says Biancamano. “WebFOCUS provides a Java-based environment for creating world-class Decision Support and Executive Information Systems. And with its Desktop Developer’s Studio, WebFocus becomes a powerful Windows-based RAD environment for deploying multi-tiered Web and client/server applications. FormScape rounds out our middleware strategy by providing the tools to create and manage document processing and output to printers, fax servers and archival systems.”

The three tools all tie together and give Pericom a combination of products that enable them to meet the needs of a variety of potential customers, says Biancamano.

The main focus of the Middleware Services Group will be mid-market companies with between 30 million and 500 million in sales. “The Web will be one of our main focuses, we’re looking to do both Internet and intranet applications,” Biancamano adds. “ERP companies are also a focus because WebFOCUS and FormScape can enhance ERP applications.”

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