QLogic Supports HP Open SAN Initiative

QLogic Corp. has joined HP in support of its Open Storage Area Network (SAN) Initiative. The complexity of SAN configurations has brought together both companies to ensure interoperability and manageability in multi-platform, heterogeneous SAN environments. As part of the program HP will test its SAN solutions for interoperability with QLogic's Fibre Channel host bus adapters.

The SAN Interoperability Program is a component of HP's Open SAN Initiative, a comprehensive, open SAN program that supports multi-vendor interoperability in heterogeneous SAN environments for seamless integration and optimizations in total cost of ownership. QLogic has made it a primary objective to participate vigorously in all of the industry's SAN interoperability programs including the SANMark program administered by the Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA).

"Interoperability is absolutely critical to the IT professional who must be confident that all the components of the SAN perform dependably and efficiently," says Marilyn Edling, Vice President and General Manager of HP's Enterprise Storage Business Unit. "QLogic is consistently at the forefront of designing and testing for interoperability and the Open SAN Initiative will draw great strength from third party vendors of this high caliber."

QLogic Corporation is the market share-leader in Fibre Channel host bus adapters. The company also designs and supplies semiconductor and board-level I/O and enclosure management products targeted at the computer system, storage device and storage subsystem marketplaces. For more information about QLogic, visit their Web site at www.qlc.com.

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