Lansa Launches E-Business Seminar Series for Spring 2000

Lansa and Lansa Solution Partners (LSP) are travelling the country offering AS/400-based seminars that will provide in-depth information on building e-business applications, including detailed design considerations, tips and techniques, things to avoid based on real-world experience, hands-on demonstrations and more.

Each half-day seminar will also showcase a selection of Internet case studies, such as The Riviera Hotel’s online hotel registration site (new window) and Canada Lands’ Building Information System Intranet. LANSA is responsible for Web-enabling AS/400 Web sites such as (new window), the (new window) and odyssey cruises (new window). Last year over 400 people registered for these interactive half-day sessions.

“We’ve found that many questions AS/400 users have for us regarding Web development can be answered through our e-business seminar series,” said Bill Benjamin, VP of business development at Lansa. “By showcasing our AS/400 Web-based successes, such as IBM, COMMON, Shell Canada, The National Music Publishers' Association and Trek Bicycles, we aim to show attendees that companies using their AS/400 with the Internet is a reality today.”

Upcoming seminar schedule

  • February 17 White Plains, N.Y., with Consultimate
  • February 22 New York, N.Y., with Arkay Computer Consultants
  • February 23 -24 Mexico City, Mexico, with RISC
  • February 29 Melville, N.Y., with Dynax Solutions
  • March 7 Kansas City, Mo., with Software Engineering
  • March 8 Montreal, Province of Quebec, with SQP Group
  • March 22 Jackson, Miss., with IBM
  • March 23 Sacramento, Calif., with Concieo
  • March 28 Rolling Meadows, Ill., with StarSight Technologies and The Comtech Group
  • April 4 Calgary, Alberta, with EFA Software
  • April 12 Arlington, Va., with Consultimate
  • April 20 Cleveland, Ohio, with Premier Technologies
  • April 27 Saddlebrook, N.J., with Strategic Business Systems
  • May 3 East Brunswick, N.J., with Surround Technologies
  • May 10 Minneapolis, Minn., with Cygnia and The Comtech Group
  • May 18 Buffalo, N.Y., with Premier Technologies
  • May 24 Cincinnati, Ohio, with Rippe & Kingston

    You can learn more about the LANSA e-Business Seminar Series and register for a session in your area by logging on to Lansa’s Web site (new window) or call them at (630) 472-1234.

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