Sterling enhances COOL: Plex with distribution agreement

Jim Martin

Sterling Software, Inc. (Plano, Texas) has signed a worldwide distribution partnership with Denmark-based Soft Design A/S that will enable them to market and support Soft Design’s Websydian product, which enables customers to deliver global e-business applications.

The main focus of the partnership is to enhance the Sterling’s application development tool, COOL:Plex. Companies generally use COOL:Plex to develop complex, line-of-business applications. By combining COOL:Plex with Websydian, customers will be able to create robust Web browser-based applications for the AS/400, Netfinity, and Windows NT/2000 platforms.

“Websydian’s e-business patterns enable our customers to generate HTML, XML and WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) applications directly out of the COOL:Plex development environment using one set of skills, one set of techniques and, best of all, from one single environment,” says Kyo Suzuki, director of COOL:Plex development. “The resulting applications are highly transactional, interactive web applications. Our customers have already embraced this technology, especially in the financial services and insurance sectors.”

Klaus Harbo, director of products, Soft Design A/S, commented: “The COOL:Plex environment combined with its unique end-to-end application integration capabilities means that customers can take their existing AS/400 applications—custom development, packages and COOL:2E applications—wrapper them in COOL:Plex and use the Websydian e-business patterns to evolve their systems to true, high transaction oriented, interactive web applications. In addition, new customers are rapidly creating truly unique e-business solutions.”

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