ASi to Market Surround Technologies Universal FTP

Joanna Doyle

Ascent Solutions Inc. (ASi, Miamisburg, Ohio) announced this week it has added New Jersey-based Surround Technologies’ Universal FTP Interface Systems (UFTP) to its product line.

UFTP enables simplified, reliable and secure file transfer automation in AS/400 and Windows environments. The host-independent tool allows users to retrieve, send and manage data files between local and remote hosts.

“Surround Technologies has done an outstanding job of simplifying the FTP process with the introduction of UFTP,” says Dan Chillinsky, AS/400 sales coordinator for ASi. “When we combine this technology with PKZIP Multi-platform we now offer a complete data transfer solution imploring two commonly used applications; FTP and PKZIP.”

UFTP simplifies the standard FTP process by organizing information and FTP commands into packaged “scripts,” which can be executed interactively or in batch mode. This method improves FTP usability by eliminating user error and enhancing security. UFTP gives users the ability to manage files remotely, in addition to managing and automating the file transfer process. Users can access, create, rename and delete directories from remote sites, transfer one or more files, and execute remote commands in a single request.

[ Editor's Note: A correction has been made to this article. ASi is the maker of PKZIP Multiplatform, not Surround Technologies. ]

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