Hummingbird Adds Portal-Based Web-to-Host

Hummingbird Communications Ltd. (Toronto) has announced the release of HostExplorer Web Version 2.1, a portal-integrated, Web-to-Host solution and HostExplorer Print Services Version 1.0, a host printing solution.

"HostExplorer Web's complete integration into the Hummingbird EIP (Enterprise Information Portal) provides a key differentiator in the portal marketplace,” says Gary Tyreman, senior director for connectivity product marketing, Hummingbird. “By providing AS/400, IBM mainframe, Unix and Linux host access into the Hummingbird EIP, users are guaranteed a single point of access to every business-critical application and resource across the entire enterprise."

HostExplorer Print Services is a centralized mainframe and AS/400 host printing solution that allows enterprise applications to print to any network printer.

Features of HostExplorer Web V2.1 include:

  • Portal-Integrated: HostExplorer Web is fully portal-integrated and extends Hummingbird EIP providing access to business-critical information.

  • G2G technology: G2G technology allows IBM Mainframe and AS/400 host screens to be automatically converted from green screens to GUIs.

  • Hummingbird CAP Server Support: Hummingbird CAP (Common Authentication Protocol) Server is a secure, single sign-on, authentication solution that consolidates local Windows NT, Windows NT Domains, LDAP, NIS, Active Directory, NDS or native UNIX system domain accounts. CAP Server secures a user's authentication request from the CAP proxy to the user using SSL.

  • Macro Support: With HostExplorer Web, common emulator and desktop functions can be automated using macros.

  • Enhanced Support for the Middle-tier Server: In addition to the existing support on Windows NT and Solaris, JuMP, Hummingbird's middle-tier management platform now supports IBM AIX and HP-UX.

    Features of HostExplorer Print Services V1.0 include:

  • Multi-threaded architecture: provides enhanced performance and scalability for over 2,000 Mainframe or AS/400 host print sessions.

  • Expanded Print Queue Support: Support for multiple print queues in an enterprise including: Windows NT/Windows 2000 shared network or local print queues, Netware print queues and LDP network print queues.

  • Advanced, Centralized Management: IT administrators can centrally configure printer sessions from a Java or Windows-based management interface. HostExplorer Print Services includes Jconfig for Java-based remote configuration.

  • Traditional and Web-based Client Support: Both traditional Windows-based and thin Web-based clients can take advantage of HostExplorer Print Services allowing users to move to Web-based host access, while maintaining host printing capabilities.

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