Matt Migliore

SEAGULL (Atlanta), makers of J Walk e-business server software for the AS/400, GUI/400 and other thin-client "viewer" technology, has joined the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Forum—an industry association comprised of more than 200 companies. The WAP Forum, founded by Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia and, represents over 90 percent of the global handset market, which boast more than 100 million subscribers, infrastructure developers, software designers and other wireless-solution providers.

In its alliance with the WAP Forum, SEAGULL will work with fellow members in an effort to develop global specification for bringing Internet content, business information and advanced data services to mobile phones and other wireless devices.

"As mobile commerce becomes increasingly pervasive, the need to access back-end business applications—not just public Internet content and services—will become more and more important," says Wico van Helden, SEAGULLL chief technology officer. "This is SEAGULL's core competency and our Wireless-to-Host solution offers companies the ability to use a mobile phone or other wireless device to quickly, safely and cost effectively access their own business information via WAP, without redevelopment of business logic."

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