Tango/04 Beats Back Bugs with Bug Detector

Jim Martin

Tango/04 Computing Group (Toronto) has added another component to its AS/400-based VISUAL Control Center software family with the introduction Bug Detector.

A system management tool for high application availability, Bug Detector monitors any number of AS/400s for interactive errors. If any error does occur, users can locate and solve hard-to-track errors occurring in the AS/400 jobs via the Internet, from a PC, or with a beeper or mobile phone support.

Bug Detector can be used in any system network and is Internet-enabled. The error information can be stored on Bug Detector and be filtered and processed later for performing audits or resolving problem areas.

“The AS/400 is a great platform for doing business on, and IBM is doing a great job of loading and deploying new technology that keeps it ahead of all competing platforms,” says Raul Christian Aguirre, Tango/04 Computing Group CEO. “What we are offering with Bug Detector and with our VISUAL Control Center suite in general is a simple way to manage this new technology. No matter where our customers are, they know that their AS/400 system and application performance is always under control. If any critical error occurs that VISUAL Control Center cannot handle by itself, they will be alerted.”

In addition, Bug Detector integrates with VISUAL Debugger for Windows and VISUAL Support Pro products. By combining the capabilities of these products, users can instantly capture job information (such as user screen, job log, etc.) when errors are produced.

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