XUMA Partners with ATG & Interwoven

XUMA, a provider of rapid, "build-to-order" solutions for e-businesses, has entered into a partnership with Art Technology Group (ATG) and Interwoven, to provide a tightly integrated content management and commerce solution to address the needs of the e-commerce market.

XUMA offers a bridge between an ASP and a systems integrator to provide complete e-business solutions for companies needing fast time-to-Web. XUMA will provide customization, hosting services and maintenance of the ATG & Interwoven solutions. XUMA's partnerships with ATG and Interwoven leverage the advantages of open standards-based architecture, providing fast and reliable e-commerce functionality aimed at building long-term value for companies.

XUMA has created an e-business engine that re-generates with every new battle-tested solution built upon it, so that successfully implemented solutions can be introduced and flawlessly rolled-out to many customers quickly. As a result, XUMA can rapidly provide customers with a barrage of site functionality -- affording more time to create customized features based on the unique needs of e-businesses. XUMA's engine also maintains e-businesses to accommodate inevitable future changes, saving time-to-Web for companies now and in the future.

Interwoven Inc. is a provider of enterprise-class Web content management software, and ATGroup is a provider of Internet customer relationship management and e-commerce products and services. Working with these two companies, XUMA will help provide fast and reliable e-business systems that have a high degree of flexibility - providing both dotcoms and traditional brick and mortar companies with the agility to address today's market.

The first "custom" application service provider (ASP), XUMA combines the speed and reliability of an ASP, with the complete customization of a traditional systems integrator. Unlike traditional ASPs, XUMA enables customers to take ownership of their e-businesses and leverage IT and e-business investments more strategically with an architecture that is based on functionality -and not limited to applications which can quickly become obsolete. As part of its offering, XUMA provides an e-business engine, professional services and a wide range of Internet hosting and managed services solutions.

For more information, visit www.XUMA.com or www.interwoven.com.

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