IBM, Tivoli, NEON Enter New Era of Network Management

Ken Deats

IBM and New Era of Networks Inc. (NEON, Denver) have had a long and mutually beneficial relationship. NEON provides many components of IBM’s MQSeries Integrator (MQSI) business integration product.

In recent activity, NEON and IBM have extended platform coverage to include MVS-OS/390 for IBM mainframes, and NEON facilitated IBM’s platforming of MQSI to the AS/400. Those additions, combined with earlier support of AIX and Windows NT, make MQSI available across IBM’s entire server line.

“Last month, Datamation named MQSI product of the year in the EAI/Middleware category. Out of 236 votes cast, MQSI received 42 percent,” says Rick Adam, NEON CEO. He added that the closest competitor was Vitria BusinessWare, which garnered just 15 percent of the votes. “Combined sales of the MQSI product grew five-fold year-over-year, and fourth quarter revenues were 70 percent above those reported in the third quarter,” adds Patrick Fortune, NEON’s president and COO.

Now, NEON is combining with Tivoli Systems to provide Tivoli Ready monitoring and management capabilities for the companies’ e-Business Integration Servers. “Being able to monitor and manage integration server message flows at this level of granularity provides companies with critical information about the health of their e-business applications,” says Chuck Stern VP of Internet Business Solutions at Tivoli. “These new capabilities greatly increase customers’ ability to react to problems and reliably meet performance standards expected in a 24x7, real-time e-business environment.”

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