ResQNet Portal Adds Graphic Access to Host Data

Jim Martin

Over the past several months, portals have become more and more prevalent in the software industry, including on the AS/400. Following suit, (New York) recently announced ResQPortal, an advanced server-based HTML Web-to-host connectivity solution for e-business.

Written in Java, ResQPortal allows companies to provide graphical access to critical host-based information to anyone with Internet or intranet access, without any changes to the underlying host code. Its on-the-fly screen rejuvenation presents legacy host screens graphically, with defined input fields, clickable hot spots, and menu buttons.

ResQPortal runs on a Web server and is compatible with all browsers. In addition, no applet download is required, which enables mobile workers to get quick access to host-based information.

“ResQPortal is the industry’s first Java-based on-the-fly Web-to-host HTML solution,” says Todres Yampel, president and COO of Inc. “With ResQPortal, companies now have a rapid deployment solution for providing customized and secure access to critical host-based content to anyone with Internet access, without the need for any custom scripting or programming.” has also designed ResQPortal to complement ResQNet, its Java applet-based Web-to-host solution. By combining the two products, companies can customize their Web-to-host interfaces and use the same rejuvenated screens to address the needs of their entire range of Internet, intranet and extranet users.

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