Vanguard GPS Offers Integrated ERP for AS/400

Joanna Doyle

Vanguard Solutions Group Inc. has introduced Graphical Performance Series (GPS), described as an integrated solutions approach to data warehousing in an AS/400 ERP environment.

The foundation for GPS is a data model based on performance indicators and is comprised of a series of selected off-the-shelf applications in an integrated package. The tool is designed to help users achieve an AS/400-based data warehouse with fully integrated data mart generation, OLAP, reporting, graphing, Web portal integration and e-mail distribution.

GPS does not require separate database products, using integrated OLAP and reporting modules to access information in the data warehouse on the native DB2/400. The GPS data warehouse is designed to be flexible, allowing users to tailor DASD utilization to response and load times and to construct more efficient querying methods by minimizing the number of joins between data dimensions.

GPS also provides the functions users have come to expect in data warehousing solutions, including error tracking, currency and measurement conversion, automated FTP file transfer, summarization and consolidation services for multiple ERP databases and advanced security.

In addition to the GPS data warehouse, the series also includes Vanguard’s GPS eDeployment module for creating multi-dimensional data marts and GPS Web Client for OLAP, which provides OLAP, graphing and reporting capability through a Web browser.

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