IBS Releases Newest Version of Its BI Software

Joanna Doyle

International Business Systems (IBS) plans to introduce Analyzer 4 this month, the latest release of its business intelligence software.

Analyzer 4 is used to track and evaluate net margin performance of a distributor’s customers. According to David Woodhouse, IBS product manager, analysis based on net margins is increasingly regarded as one of the most effective ways of monitoring business performance.

“Net margin analysis has become an industry best practice and is a far more reliable product indicator than gross margin when identifying the most profitable and, most importantly, the least profitable customers,” Woodhouse says. “The distributors who have identified their best customers can incorporate the information back into their enterprise system to ensure that these customers are given the best service.”

Analyzer 4’s net margin analysis is based on up-to-the-minute order entries, inventory data, customer demand patterns, receivables and all the cost elements associated with delivering products and services to the customer. The latest release allows users to customize inquiries at the desktop and generate reports according to their particular needs.

The product is designed to integrate with the underlying enterprise system so that it does not require constant maintenance and interfacing. Users should not have to install a separate data warehouse solutions because this integration gives customers and supply-chain partners real-time data from the enterprise system’s multi-dimensional database.

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