Viewlocity Application Connector for OneWorld

As part of its joint marketing relationship with J.D. Edwards & Co. (Denver), Viewlocity Inc. (Atlanta) has introduced Applications Connector for J.D. Edwards’ ERP solution OneWorld, to make interoperability possible across the supply chain between applications in complex environments. The application connector offers simplified integration and maintenance and is designed to keep businesses competitive by giving customers the ability to adjust their evolving e-commerce needs.

“With two main focuses evolving today in enterprise computing--the first being on integration of different applications inside an enterprise and the other being to integrate applications and enterprises--people are needing to make their ERP applications flow into and flow out of other applications,” said Lenley Hensarling, director of interoperability at J.D. Edwards. “And in order to accomplish that, you really need middleware products like Viewlocity.”

The product, which is now generally available, is being put forward as part of the Viewlocity/J.D. Edwards partnership effort to offer integrated supply-chain solutions which provide simplified maintenance and implementation as well as accelerated performance for J.D. Edwards software. The joint marketing relationship is geared toward providing advanced applications interoperability for OneWorld, legacy systems and e-commerce applications, among others. The solution provided by Viewlocity’s Applications Connector offers customers the ability to rapidly change their integration requirements according to their particular business needs.

J.D. Edwards OneWorld is a platform-independent system that combines enterprise applications with an integrated tool set that allows users to tailor applications to suit business needs. It runs on Unix (HP9000 and RS/6000) NT Servers (Digital AlphaServers and Intel-based Servers) and AS/400. Viewlocity develops software, specifically its AMTrix product line, to assist e-businesses in the task of integrating and synchronizing with their business partners, by linking the Internet, the company’s supply chain, and enterprise applications integration.

Viewlocity’s Application Connector lets J.D. Edwards’ users integrate their existing systems with SAP, Oracle and other ERP solutions and legacy systems, as well as a variety of applications governing numerous facets of their business including customer relationship management, sales automation, warehouse management and maintenance management. It operates on various e-commerce formats, such as XML, HTML, ANSI and EDIFACT.

“We’re very interested in the direction Viewlocity is going with respect to e-business support,” Hensarling says. “We have a very connected set of applications that OneWorld represents, and to connect those applications to other applications, that is where we really look to middleware providers like Viewlocity.”

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