LANSA’s 4GL Adds Framework for E-Business

LANSA Inc. (Oak Brook, Ill.) a provider of development tools and services for IBM AS/400, announced this week that its Fourth Generation Language (4GL) environment now contains LANSA Frameworks for e-business. The announcement comes with the revelation that feedback from customers and partners indicate that the inclusion of the framework will enable development of e-business applications in up to 85 percent less time than previously possible with LANSA.

“LANSA Frameworks solve the three big issues in e-business implementation,” says Bill Benjamin, VP of business development at LANSA. “First, you want an e-business solution that extends your existing applications so you don’t reinvent the wheel. Second, you need Web transaction design skills because e-business applications are different from both 5250 and Windows applications. Third, you need graphical skills for competitive e-business applications.”

LANSA Frameworks consist of Business Object Templates and a Layout Wizard. The Business Object Templates extend existing AS/400 and Windows NT applications. The Templates use a question and answer approach to identify a customer’s existing files and programs, for example, for pricing or stock availability, and then generate the programs that access the existing applications and data from a Web interface. This eliminates unnecessary file replication and manual data re-entry common with the other approaches that only offer standalone e-business applications.

The LANSA Layout Wizard provides instant graphical capability. It ships with over 300,000 color coordinated graphical combinations. A question and answer configurator gives e-business applications a highly graphical look. The LANSA Layout Wizard also defines the underlying user interface infrastructure that the application components plug into. This allows customers to consistently and rapidly propagate a graphical layout across many e-business applications.

LANSA can be reached at (630) 472-1234 or visit (new window).

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