Tivoli to Offer Management Gateway for Support of AS/400 E-Business Applications

Tivoli Systems Inc. announced at COMMON 2000 this week that AS/400 customers will soon have the capability to manage their heterogeneous technology resources from an AS/400 server using Tivoli Enterprise. In addition, AS/400 users will be able to manage their key AS/400 e-business applications such as Lotus Domino and IBM MQSeries on Tivoli Enterprise, Tivoli's flagship technology management solution.

While Tivoli has long supported management of the AS/400 server, the announced enhancements to Tivoli Enterprise will allow companies to use the AS/400 to manage other systems within the IT infrastructure.

"The AS/400 is an important applications platform, and customers need management modules for the e-business-critical applications run on these platforms," says Bob Yellin, senior VP at Tivoli Systems Inc. "Tivoli is expanding its support for the AS/400 platform because customers, large and small, rely on the AS/400 as a key component of their e-business infrastructure."

Tivoli claims it will deliver AS/400 support for two e-business-critical application platforms, Lotus Domino and IBM MQSeries. Native AS/400 support in Tivoli Manager for Domino and Tivoli Manager for MQSeries will allow businesses running Domino and MQSeries for AS/400 to manage their complete technology end-to-end. Within a Tivoli Enterprise environment, Tivoli Manager for Domino integrates the management of Domino and Notes. Tivoli Manager for MQSeries provides centralized management for distributed MQSeries networks that span geographic distances and controlled backup for networks. AS/400 Gateway for Tivoli will be available worldwide by the end of the year.

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