PentaSafe New Corporate Direction Targets Digital Economy

Jim Martin

Responding to the rapid growth in the e-business market, PentaSafe Security Technologies Inc. (Houston) is looking to capitalize on its IT and auditing security experience with the recent announcement of a new corporate direction to provide software solutions that will secure the digital economy.

To launch its new direction, PentaSafe introduced VigilEnt Security management solution for e-business infrastructure, a product that provides auditing, security and protection software for enterprise systems, applications and data from a single point of control. This new offering supports AS/400, NT, Unix, and Linux operating systems as well as Apache.

“This new direction encompasses and leverages our auditing expertise and expands it to an enterprise-wide IT security management vision. We are focused in providing security management for the operating systems, applications and data that are driving the digital economy,” says Doug Erwin, CEO of PentaSafe. “With our new direction and vision, PentaSafe will be offering an enterprise solution that is ‘VigilEnt’ in safeguarding the key elements of an e-business infrastructure.”

VigilEnt proactively diagnoses security weaknesses with automated enterprisewide reporting, says Erwin. It also alerts security personnel of suspicious systems activities via pager, e-mail, or by the central interface of PentaSafe’s technology, the VigilEnt Security Manager.

Designed to be quickly and easily deployed across the enterprise, VigilEnt utilizes communication technologies such as Java, XML, and CORBA to provide a flexible management architecture that can span across multiple operating systems and applications.

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