Hummingbird Opens the e-Gateway

Hummingbird Communications has released e-Gateway, a portal-integrated, dynamic HTML, Web-to-Host connectivity solution. The Hummingbird e-Gateway allows enterprise information from IBM Mainframe, AS/400, Linux and UNIX application screens to be dynamically published and viewed in custom, graphical screens to anyone using a Web browser or the Hummingbird EIP (Enterprise Information Portal).

Acting as a bridge between host systems and users, Hummingbird e-Gateway translates 3270, 5250 and VT220 data streams dynamically into HTML pages, allowing organizations to publish critical information on a corporate intranet or extranet, reducing software and administrative costs.

"Hummingbird e-Gateway DHTML-to-host solution is a unique differentiator of the Hummingbird EIP and is integrated as an e-Clip," says Hossam Abou Zeid, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Hummingbird. e-Clips are the base of the innovative plug-in architecture that enables the Hummingbird EIP to grow with an organization. Through open, published APIs, the Hummingbird EIP provides the ability to integrate other applications, such as Hummingbird e-Gateway, and works with any custom system or data source in the enterprise.

"Hummingbird e-Gateway is the perfect solution for combining host-based data and Web technologies," said Gary Tyreman, senior director network connectivity product marketing, Hummingbird. "This ultra thin Java-based solution is ideal for providing access to traditional, host applications and information for low bandwidth users. Hummingbird e-Gateway enables e-business by encouraging collaboration amongst dispersed users."

When used in conjunction with the new Hummingbird e-Toolkit (e-TK) G2G Builder tool, Hummingbird e-Gateway allows developers to selectively customize the rejuvenation of host application screens and deploy them as tailored and personalized Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs). The intelligent GUI conversion approach of Hummingbird e-Toolkit eliminates all programming and scripting while enabling users to customize down to the graphical object level for every individual screen using the simple drag-and-drop technology, providing intuitive, user friendly, graphical host screens.

The Hummingbird e-Gateway is fully portal-integrated, allowing administrators to seamlessly publish traditional or rejuvenated host applications into the Hummingbird EIP as an e-Clip. Its G2G technology allows IBM Mainframe and AS/400 host screens to be easily and automatically converted from traditional green screens to new GUIs. It also provides CAP (Common Authentication Protocol) Server support and remote page control.

For a beta copy of Hummingbird e-Gateway, please visit

Hummingbird e-Gateway will be shipping in May, 2000.

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