Hummingbird Introduces New Web-to-Host Gateway

Jim Martin

Continuing to utilize the latest technologies to provide new Web-to-host solutions, Hummingbird Communications Ltd. (Toronto) has announced the release of Hummingbird e-Gateway.

A portal-integrated, HTML-based connectivity solution, Hummingbird e-Gateway allows enterprise information from IBM mainframe, AS/400, Linux, and Unix application screens to be published and viewed in custom, graphical screens to anyone using a Web browser or the Hummingbird EIP (Enterprise Information Portal). It bridges the gap between host systems and users by translating 3270, 5250 and VT220 data streams dynamically into HTML pages.

“Hummingbird e-Gateway is the perfect solution for combining host-based data and Web technologies,” says Gary Treyman, senior director of network connectivity product marketing, Hummingbird. “This ultra-thin Java-based solution is ideal for providing access to traditional, host applications and information for low bandwidth users. Hummingbird e-Gateway enables e-business by encouraging collaboration amongst dispersed users.”

The Hummingbird e-Gateway can be used in conjunction with the new Hummingbird e-Toolkit (e-TK) G2G builder tool, allowing developers to customize the rejuvenation of host application screens and deploy them as tailored and personalized GUIs.

Hummingbird e-Gateway will begin shipping in May 2000.

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