New Products for the Enterprise

SST-Resource Availability V3.4

Softworks’ SST-Resource Availability version 3.4 now includes reporting on historical storage utilization on open systems platforms, wider platform coverage for Oracle’s database space management and IBM’s ADSM enterprise backup management, and a logical correlation between OS/390’s view of hardware devices and the EMC SYMMETRIX and STK tape silo environments. Version 3.4 is built on an architecture that supports agents that monitor, fix and notify when storage-related problems are detected. For more information call (800) 727-4422, or visit

Ultra160 SCSI

Adaptec’s four Ultra160 SCSI cards are available for the transaction-heavy environments generated by emerging e-business applications, as well as traditional storage applications. At 160MB/sec performance, Adaptec’s Ultra160 SCSI cards data transfer rate doubles that of Ultra2 SCSI. The Ultra160 SCSI cards use the same accessories as Ultra2 SCSI, eliminating the need for new LVD SCSI cables or terminators. For more information, visit their Web site at

ETI Extract 4.1

ETI EXTRACT 4.1 from Evolutionary Technologies International (ETI) offers the ability to generate code that interfaces to message systems, such as IBM’s MQSeries, for the near realtime data exchange between applications required to support e-customers. Enhancements in release 4.1 include the ability to control user access to objects in the MetaStore (ETI’s internal repository), as well as improved capabilities for exchanging information across multiple MetaStores. For more information, call (800) 856-8800, or visit

EnterpriseExpress Adapter

Bus-Tech’s EnterpriseExpress Adapter for DB2 Access is a PCI-compliant ESCON adapter using IBM’s Multipath Channel+ (MPC+) protocol to provide throughput between Windows NT applications and DB2 Universal Database for OS/390 using IBM’s DB2 Connect. EnterpriseExpress Adapter for DB2 Access is a hardware/software solution specifically designed to provide Windows NT Server applications access to DB2 Universal Database for OS/390 over a high-perfomance, point-to point connection. For more information, call (800) 284-3172, or visit

Compex 64-Bit Ethernet Card

Compex’s FL6400 64-bit 4-port Fast-Ethernet adapter uses four Intel 21143 Fast-Ethernet controllers to form four 10/100 ports. The four Intel controllers sit on the secondary PCI bus created by an Intel 21153-AC PCI-PCI bridge chip. The FL6400’s interface to the PCI bus is 32- or 64-bit and is automatically adjusted, depending on the type of PCI bus it sits on and is compatible with the PCI 2.1 specifications. For more information, call (714) 630-7302, or visit


Praim enters the thin-client computing market with two new thin-clients: PRIMO NTT300 and PRIMO WBT100. PRIMO NTT300 is a Network Telnet Terminal designed primarily for the IBM AS/400 and mainframe network environments. NTT300 is for users who need access to transaction-based applications.

PRIMO WBT100 is a Windows-based Terminal designed specifically for companies that need an end-to-end Microsoft solution for their multi-user Windows NT environment. The terminals offer a variety of setup and configuration parameters that can be defined locally or remotely. For more information, call (603) 433-0287, or visit Documentor

Documentor from can re-motely analyze and automatically document any Microsoft Exchange network. The Documentor allows companies to generate and preserve technical knowledge of how their mission-critical Microsoft Exchange network functions. Using constraint-based technology, the Web-based Documentor automatically generates documentation for Microsoft Exchange networks.

The documentation explains how the Exchange network is deployed and how it functions, capturing server configuration settings and their values and explaining what these values mean and why they are configured as they are. For more information, call (603) 926-7555, or visit

SoftQuad XMetaL 1.2

SoftQuad Software offers a free download of XMetaL 1.2, its XML authoring solution. The upgrade provides new tools for publishing XML documents to the Web. For content authors, XMetaL 1.2 includes a number of performance and productivity enhancements, including table handling, CSS rendering, spell checking and more editing functions. Other improvements now found in XMetaL 1.2 give developers the ability to automate more processes to increase productivity when authoring XML documents. For more information, visit their Web site at

ViaSQL for OS/390 v3.1.0

Viaserv’s newest release, ViaSQL for OS/390 v3.1.0, provides support for SQL access to IMS data through the Legacy Data Server, as well as support for MS SQL Server v7.0 as the TransferStore DBMS. In addition, it provides support for use of all columns in alternate indexes during query optimization and join processing. It has a maximum number of columns in a virtual table definition increased from 700 to 900. For more information, visit their Web site at

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