IONA Releases Enhanced Orbix 3 Development Tools

Joanna Doyle

IONA Technologies has released an enhanced version of its Orbix 3 family of application integration and e-business development products. Improvements and additional features in the new release include OpenVMS platform support, better scalability, greater application integration flexibility and compatibility with IONA’s iPortal Suite.

IONA’s Orbix 3 products include Orbix 3 and OrbixWeb development and deployment environments for C++ and Java, and OrbixTalk, an enterprise messaging solution with fault-tolerant publish and subscribe capabilities. The product suite also includes OrbixTrader for directory services, OrbixNotification messaging solutions and OrbixSecurity. In addition, Orbix 3 fulfills the traditional role of an Object Request Broker and TP monitor and adds new capabilities appropriate for component infrastructures.

Ronan Bradley, VP of product management at IONA, says the newest product upgrades were added as a response to increasing customer demand for a variety of integration and development solutions.

“We developed a third-generation of Orbix to address the diverse IT infrastructure required by e-business,” Bradley explains. “Many organizations are building their enterprise on CORBA technology because they need a standards-based solution that enables them to integrate their existing applications into e-business initiatives. The Orbix 3 product family provides organizations with the market leading solutions they need to leverage their existing technology investments.”

All products in the Orbix 3 software suite are CORBA-based technologies. They support Windows NT, Solaris, UNIX and OS/390 as well as AS/400, and are compatible with C++, Java, COBOL and PL/I development languages.

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