Zephyr Releases PASSPORT eClient Version 4

Zephyr's PASSPORT eClient version 4 is a connectivity suite which now provides Web browser access to IBM mainframe, AS/400 and UNIX systems using IP. The suite includes a TN3270E client, TN5250 client, VT100 and VT52 client, as well as an SSL security option. It also provides the option to load and run the program from an OS/390 Web server V2R5 or higher. The product has a Web server-based architecture and eliminates client installation on the desktop.

PASSPORT eClient is a pure 32-bit application, which also allows for full application integration using HLLAPI and scripting. PASSPORT eClient also uses Java’s 8-bit interpreted code. All PASSPORT products are designed using the most recent Microsoft development technology, including Visual C/C++ 6.0, the Microsoft Foundation Class and Visual Basic Script, ensuring a seamless migration to Windows 2000.

Zephyr was the first to support the advanced IETF TN3270E standard. Today the company leads in new extensions to the standard, including SLP load balancing, which we co-authored with IBM, and SSL security. Zephyr is an active participant in the IETF TN3270 work group, a member of the IBM PartnerWorld program, and included in the Cisco Enterprise Associates Program, a strategic Cisco technology initiative for SNA-to-TCP/IP migration.

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