Help Systems Enhances Robot/NETWORK, Robot/CLIENT

Joanna Doyle

Help/Systems Inc. (new window), a provider of automated operations software, has released new versions of Robot/NETWORK free network management software, and Robot/CLIENT, its client-server operations event manager for AS/400.

Robot/NETWORK 9.0 allows users to run a network of multiple AS/400 hosts and nodes using TCP/IP or APPC communications. System problems are quickly identified and receive immediate attention by being routed from a node AS/400 along a designated path of host AS/400s. The new version also offers single-session dynamic host switching with an enhanced 32-bit GUI which gives users the capability for point-and-click monitoring of the network.

Robot/NETWORK 9.0 also offers network disk space monitoring through its interface with Robot/SPACE, Help/Systems disk usage management software. These products work together to notify users when disk space usage on any AS/400 server in the network reaches critical levels, so that system users can respond before a problem occurs.

The improvements included in Robot/CLIENT 4.0 are designed to give users the ability to better control client tasks from an AS/400. System administrators can now execute up to 50 jobs at once on a PC and can FTP files to AS/400s, NT servers, Internet sites and Unix systems. It also allows users to copy PC files from a network drive to PCs, install and upgrade PC software packages, and set registry values to perform administrative functions. Help/Systems also promotes Robot/CLIENT 4.0 as having enhanced error recovery and up to 50 percent performance upgrades.

Robot/CLIENT is priced at $1,500 for AS/400 model P05, $3,000 for model P10, $4,500 for model P20, $6,750 for model P30, $10,125 for model P40, and $15,100 for model P50.

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