BOS Enhances Controller and Printing Tools

COMMON 2000, SAN DIEGO—Better Online Solutions (BOS) announced upgrades to its e-Twin@x Controller and BOSaNOVA PrintBoss software.

E-Twin@x Controller Model II is hardware and software used to establish a secure, encrypted connection to an AS/400 over the Internet or WAN and empowers local or remote Twinax networks to support TCP/IP. The new version features additional hardware that allows 10/100 Mbit Ethernet, faster processing, twice as much memory and less power consumption.

The enhanced version incorporates new software that provides a “hot backup” feature for use with the modem dial-out connection to ISPs. The tool allows two modems to work in parallel, so that if a connection is lost, the user will not experience any delays or be disconnected, because the second modem keeps functioning. By allowing connections to different ISPs for processing data, and therefore allowing data to be processed by whichever line is providing the faster connection for a given transfer, this feature produces reduced downtime and enhanced speed.

BOS also announced it has begun shipping BOSaNOVA PrintBoss v2 with enhanced features for e-mail, security and routing to multiple destinations. PrintBoss can automatically route print jobs to target printers, fax servers, e-mail recipients, storage archives and target printer trays. PrintBoss may be useful for companies that need to add bar codes and/or graphics to their host-generated reports or who want to replace preprinted forms or outsourced printing jobs with an in-house print management tool.

According to Hellena Smejda, a spokeswoman for BOS, an important feature of PrintBoss v2 is that it enables cross-platform electronic form management and design so that printing to multiple clients requires no changes to the host application except to reroute the print job. And, it allows dynamic resizing and flexible routing of printed labels and documents.

“This is very helpful, we’ve noticed, for an AS/400 company that uses labels, because you can customize font, label size, and it is transparent to users,” Smejda said.

In addition, Smejda adds, the BOSaNOVA PrintBoss is also attractive to software vendors, who can design the templates and package the forms as part of the total product solution. For the end user, this eliminates time and money that might be spent on consultants and developers in order to determine the best presentation for their company.

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