Jamsoft Adds DataGlider Integration Tool to Product List

COMMON 2000, SAN DIEGO—Jamsoft LLC (Big Canoe, Ga.) announced it is now distributing DataGlider, a new 100 percent Java-based application used to access data on a LAN, WAN or extranet.

DataGlider allows users to access data regardless of the platform or database on which it is stored. It can gather information from disparate databases and translate it into a common format. With an emphasis on enhancing e-business capabilities, DataGlider is able to manage delivery of data from different sources and dynamically link it with data from customers, suppliers and partners, with an enterprise query engine that allows companies to integrate at the business logic level.

It is compatible with any hardware platform, including AS/400, mainframes, Unix or PCs and can access SQL, Oracle, DB2, Informix or any other database. The tool can also serve as a back-end data server application to allow access to enterprise data in real-time through a Web browser or a company Intranet.

“Anybody who wants to integrate data better into their business process” will benefit from using DataGlider, says Lee Mulder, a representative for Jamsoft. He says the company believes data management will be an increasingly critical factor in building successful e-business, and a central part of that is providing and gaining access to disparate data throughout a supply chain.

“As we get further into e-business, people are going to have to be more data-based. As we see e-commerce evolving, people are going to have to go to the next level,” Mulder adds. “That’s what Data Glider is designed for—it’s another level of data integration.”

DataGlider uses a Windows-like GUI and can interface with ERP, SCM and CRM software. The tool “sits on top of application,” as Mulder describes it, allowing users to point-and-click to retrieve data for formatting. This is a key benefit of the product, according to Mulder, because it allows easy access to data in a common format, but does not require the user to have additional technical knowledge.

“It is no longer necessary to go to the IT staff to get exactly the information one requires from multiple, disparate data sources,” he explains. “We actually empower the user to search this data now instead of the program.”

The current version, DataGlider 1.6.3, is available immediately. Developers expect to introduce DataGlider 2.0, a back-end browser-based tool residing on a Web-server, within 60 days. Pricing ranges from $5,000 to $20,000 for a five-user license.

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