ResQPortal, for Web-Enabling Host-Based Data Inc. (New York) has announced the release of ResQPortal, a Web-enablement tool that converts traditional AS/400 green screens into HTML for rapid deployment on the Internet. Answering the ever-growing call for Web-accessible data, ResQPortal has been developed with the intention of making it possible for anyone with an Internet connection to retrieve critical host-based information.

ResQPortal is founded on the same patented proprietary technologies used in's Java applet-based Web-to-host solution, ResQNet. Equipped with rejuvenation capabilities, ResQPortal performs "on-the-fly" 3270/5250-to HTML conversion. ResQPortal—much like ResQNet—presents legacy host screens graphically, with defined input fields, clickable hot spots, and menu buttons.

However, ResQPortal is without several of its predecessor's more robust qualities. It doesn't "have some of the esoteric, high-end features such as comprehensive support for PF-keys, unsolicited host output, and light-pens," according to independent consultant, Anura Gurugé.

Jim Shapiro, Executive VP of, readily admits ResQNet is a more powerful product, but contends that ResQPortal's limitations stem from HTML’s imperfections. "Function keys don't work. All you can use is submit. But in terms of core functionality, both products are the same," says Shapiro.

In fact, Shapiro asserts, function-key support isn't important for the "casual" online user. He explains that while ResQNet is meant for use on an intranet in an in-house environment where the use of functions is prevalent, ResQPortal is intended for consumers, clients, and mobile employees in an Internet setting where using a mouse is the norm. "For the Internet user ResQPortal is, without a doubt, the more effective product."

Both ResQPortal and ResQNet use's drag-and-drop Customization Studio, which allows a user to develop GUIs for interchangeable use. "You can create a single interface for both products," says Shapiro. "Or if you want to streamline the process for mobile users, you can create a bare-bones version for the Internet."

The Customization Studio offers flexibility to move and hide fields, add drop-down lists and radio buttons, create macro buttons, combine information from multiple screens, perform arithmetic operations, and automate navigation.

According to Shapiro, ResQPortal is unlike other labor-intensive Web-enablement tools in that it requires no custom scripting or programming. "Absolutely anybody who can work in Windows can be taught to customize screens in a matter of days,” says Shapiro. The product can also be installed on the Web server relatively easily, eliminating the setup costs associated with many Web-enablement packages.

ResQPortal offers 100 percent rejuvenation of all AS/400 5250 and 3270 legacy applications. It converts directly from the feed, ensuring that all new information is deployed. envisions ResQPortal as a simplistic solution for financial institutions, colleges, insurance companies, governments, and business-to-business organizations that want to make information available to clients, consumers, and employees via the Internet.

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