Intrepa Offers Logistics PRO SCM Software on Windows NT

Ken Deats

Opening the door to the small to midranged marketplace, Intrepa (Mishawaka, Ind.) has ported its AS/400-based supply chain management package Logistic PRO to run on Windows NT as well.

Designed to integrate both warehouse and transportation management, version 1.0 for NT includes:

  • Launch processing - to select, group and process orders received
  • Carrier assignment - to establish rules based on weight, number of shipping containers, postal code, origin and destination
  • Outbound work creation - to create user-defined work types based on user-defined selection criteria, break criteria and sorting criteria
  • Paperwork generation - allows the use of Loftware or Microsoft Word to generate all paper output
  • Work execution - includes both Radio Frequency (RF) and terminal work confirmation processes
  • Packing - consists of shipment container packing, container nesting, container document printing, carrier selection/manifesting, weight, serial number and item catch weight processes
  • Shipping load assignment - assigning order shipments to physical carrier loads
  • Work browser - several summary views of outstanding and completed work with drill down capability
  • Warehouse control center - for high-level summary information for executives and warehouse management
  • Parcel manifesting support - supports Fedex, UPS and USPS
  • Multi-company - supports the handling of multi-company organizations

    “Intrepa will continue to support and maintain the AS/400 version of Logistics PRO along with the new Windows version,” says Dave Linnen, Intrepa’s VP of product strategy. “In fact, creating Logistics PRO in a Windows environment has allowed us to utilize non AS/400 technology to enhance the AS/400 product as well.”

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