Macro 4 Supplies Antidote to Post-Y2K Ills

For the last two years, vital IT issues have been neglected as IT managers addressed Y2K problems. They are now struggling to catch up with these commitments within the constraints of limited budgets. Application downtime resulting from data and file corruption can cause substantial losses in revenues from business operations. To address this problem, Macro 4 is offering a new version of its INSYNC solution, which includes a host of features designed to improve the approach to file and data management on the S/390.

IDC researchers estimate that organizations such as credit card companies stand to lose as much as $2.3 million per hour in the event of an application failure. Forty minutes spent rectifying the problem with manual methods can cost a company as much as $1.5 million dollars. However, using INSYNC, companies can reduce this downtime to as little as five minutes -- which, for a configuration costing around $200,000, represents a saving to the organization of as much as $1.3 million.

INSYNC is an advanced file and data management utility for program development and file-record maintenance on all types of data supported under OS/390. INSYNC 3.1 introduces full support for IMS, including online and batch support, DL/1 and BMP access, static and dynamic PSBs (Program Specification Blocks) as well as physical, logical and secondary index support.

Macro 4's INSYNC also helps organizations plan their medium to long term mainframe software costs more accurately by offering licensing options that afford customers the flexibility to upgrade their systems in line with their business requirements.

John C. Levey, CEO and president of Macro 4 Inc., says, "IT managers face pressure on all sides as users ask for overdue applications and finance managers refuse to provide any extra investment. INSYNC gives them a way out. For a relatively small outlay, they immediately recoup significant sums of money."

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