Attachmate EXTRA Earns Windows 2000 Certification

Joanna Doyle

Attachmate Corp. has received Windows 2000 Professional certification for its EXTRA! Enterprise 2000, a product which enables delivery of enterprise applications from mainframe, AS/400 and Unix/VMS systems to Windows-based desktops. Attachmate believes the certification will benefit companies who hope to protect their investments in legacy systems while gaining access to Windows 2000-based applications.

Attachmate’s product connects across most networks to provide data integration, task automation, and interface customization capabilities. EXTRA! Enterprise 2000 takes advantage of new installer technology in Windows 2000 to provide such productivity enhancements as application self-repair and unattended installs. Roaming profile support offered with the product allows users to access their customized settings from any PC on the corporate network, and power management enhancements in Windows 2000 and EXTRA! Enterprise 2000 ensure host connections are maintained, even when the computer is in sleep mode.

EXTRA! Enterprise 2000 also offers Terminal Services compatibility, which delivers the Windows 2000 Professional-based desktop and the latest Windows-based applications through terminal emulation. Added optional support for SSL technology provides more secure data transfer between EXTRA! Enterprise 2000 and host applications.

“Attachmate has consistently provided customers with high-quality Windows-based solution, and we’re thrilled that they have received their Windows 2000 Certification,” says Tod Nielsen, VP of Microsoft’s platform group.

EXTRA! Enterprise 2000 is currently available in North America as a pre-release evaluation kit.

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