National Underwriters Weigh in on E-Risks

Jim Martin

There is no denying the fact that the Internet, e-mail, and e-commerce have forever changed the way companies do business. What is often overlooked, however, is the risk involved in taking on these initiatives.

In a new book entitled: “e-Risk: Liabilities in a Wired World,” The National Underwriter Company examines the challenges facing corporations. In spelling out the risks of the electronic age, this new book looks at methods for eliminating problems such as hacking, external security and credit card and password fraud.

“We are heading at blinding speed into a completely new world built on a foundation of information and communication technology,” says author Scott K. Lange, one of seven experts who co-authored the book. “Change driven by technology and put in motion across society—will be the biggest risk of all to manage.”

“e-Risk: Liabilities in a Wired World” goes beyond the traditional means of risk management to examine topics such as the security of electronic data and the effect of downtime and operational failure. Among other areas that are discussed in the book are: exposure to risk, global ramifications, emerging and traditional liabilities, internal and external security, privacy and reliability of service providers.

This new book is available from The National Underwriter Company by calling 800-543-0974 or logging on to (new window).

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