Aberdeen Ends Subscription Service, Brings Research Online

Joanna Doyle

Aberdeen Group (Boston), a leading IT research and consulting firm, announced this week it will make its entire body of research from 1999 and 2000 available online, rather than by annual subscription.

Aberdeen Publications Online will use digital management technology to ensure copyright protection for the more than 400 publications that will be made available on the site. Reciprocal Inc. (Buffalo, N.Y.) provides the content management, delivery and digital rights services for the site.

“Aberdeen and Reciprocal have successfully completed a groundbreaking project to make content widely available while protecting the content owner’s rights,” says John Schwartz, president of Reciprocal.

Aberdeen Publications Online can be accessed via the firm’s Web site (new window). Aberdeen executives said the new service was developed in response to growing consumer demand for more customized and immediate products.

“The model for obtaining IT marketing consulting and research has changed,” says Hugh Bishop, senior VP of e-content for Aberdeen. “Clients now want to go to a library such as Aberdeen Publications Online, select the specific research they require, and obtain that research immediately. We believe this meets the needs of the market better than the old annual subscription model. Aberdeen Publications Online is open to all and allow our clients to only pay for the exact insight and market analysis that they need.”

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