Soft Coding Analyzer Compares Multiple J.D. Edwards’s Set-Ups

Joanna Doyle

Dynamic Systems Solutions (DSS, Pompano Beach, Fla.) has released Soft Coding Analyzer (SCA), a software package to help authorized users find inconsistencies and ensure integrity of soft coding set-ups between two J.D. Edwards environments.

SCA provides Dreamwriter-based applications that are used to compare and provide detailed reports regarding differences in the soft coding set ups by examining both individual soft coding entries or entire tables. It provides a detailed listing of entries that exist in one environment and not another as well as individual field values for entries that differ in the two environments. These may include UDC tables, Dreamwriters, vocabulary overrides, etc. SCA's reporting function can then gather, sort and summarize the data.

DSS applications operate in several environments, including AS/400, NT and the Internet. SCA is one of a series of DSS complementary solutions for J.D. Edwards. Other DSS products for J.D. Edwards, such as Security Commander, designed to facilitate security setup and maintenance, and Auditron400, which facilitates the tracking of modifications made to sensitive data at the field level as well as the management of AS/400 security.

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