DominoConnects to High-Volume Imaging

SolCom (Sioux Falls, S.D.) has announced the release of SolCom DominoConnect, a tool to integrate SolCom’s E-Xpress family of products with Lotus Notes/Domino. The products allow users to utilize Domino in conjunction with SolCom’s MultiManager object capture and MultiFlow production workflow software, instead of using Lotus workflow and document imaging functions.

DominoConnect is designed to provide AS/400 users with high-volume production document imaging. According to Deidre Combs, director of market support for SolCom, there are distinct advantages to using SolCom’s document management and workflow software over the native Lotus functions. One of the key benefits, Combs says, is that while Lotus performance can be affected if a certain volume is surpassed, DominoConnect has no such limit for processing documents. She also says using DominoConnect, unlike Lotus, does not require scripting for use on an AS/400.

SolCom’s DominoConnect allows users to combine Domino with SolCom’s object capture and MultiFlow production workflow software to facilitate AS/400 high-volume document imaging.
“We are expecting you to be scanning in 10,000 documents an hour,” she says, adding that because most of SolCom’s customers are in the banking, healthcare and insurance industries, the need to reduce paper work while processing a high volume of documents was a high priority.

For users of SolCom’s MultiManager, a high-speed document capture and management product, DominoConnect allows the use of a Lotus Notes client to view and work with needed information including MultiManager images and electronic folders. MultiManager’s features include document imaging and COLD, Internet-based independent workflow integrated with e-mail, e-commerce support, integrated library support for IBM EDM Suite and Lotus Notes, and advanced security.

Users can also take advantage of DominoConnect’s ability to integrate with MultiFlow, SolCom’s production workflow product, enabling Domino forms to front-end MultiFlow’s graphical work process builder. MultiFlow can be used for productivity and file tracking, integration to line-of-business applications and work routing to users’ e-mail inboxes. Used in conjunction with DominoConnect, MultiFlow’s drag and drop graphical workflow interface allows administrators to define or modify complex Notes workflow processes without programming support or scripting.

In general, Combs says, the product is designed to make Lotus users more comfortable with their applications. At the same time, it allows SolCom’s MultiManager and MultiFlow users to take full advantage of their Lotus clients. This is beneficial because while MultiManager and MultiFlow can be used without DominoConnect, users with DominoConnect are also able to use Lotus electronic forms to front-end the applications.

“Right now we fit a niche with DominoConnect,” Combs says. “It allows them to stay within their Lotus client and let us handle their high-volume document handling. ... Some folks really love sitting in their Lotus client and they don’t want to leave. They want to do all their e-mail and all their work from there.”

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