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InfraTools Network Discovery

Peregrine Systems’ InfraTools Network Discovery is an automated network management system. Information collected by InfraTools Network Discovery is presented in a port-to-port, connection-level, graphical map of the network, which allows users to see where faults may occur, the potential impact, and the best way to resolve problems and deal with change. DNS name, IP address, MAC or SNMP field automatically identify every networked device over all media types, including virtual circuits. The system also monitors usage and traffic on the network and provides detailed statistical data on all devices, ports and lines. All information provided is hyperlinked to allow users to navigate between reports. For more information, visit

STAT 3.0 Security System

Sunbelt Software introduces the STAT 3.0 (Security Test and Analysis Tool), a security system that is manned by a team of anti-hacking specialists. STAT 3.0 is designed to perform a complete security vulnerability analysis of Windows NT network resources and to provide updates through Web downloads as security breaches are identified and remedies are determined. STAT 3.0 features greater scalability and flexibility of network configuration enhanced screen navigation, detection of hidden machines by typing the IP address and increased testing of fixes. For more information, call (800) 336-3166, or visit

Level 8, HP E-Services

Level 8 Systems and HP have formed a marketing alliance to deliver e-services applications for the new Internet-capable HP e3000 platform. HP’s newly renamed HP e3000 (formerly the HP 3000) provides the Web-enabling technologies required to develop back-office applications for the Internet. HP and Level 8 Systems plan to co-market Geneva Message Queuing to HP 3000 customers. Level 8 Systems’ Geneva Message Queuing middleware software is an implementation of Microsoft Message Queue Services (MSMQ) for a full range of non-Windows operating systems. Geneva Message Queuing allows application developers to convert HP e3000 business applications to Web-based applications to support an e-services model. For more information, visit, or

SanDisk CompactFlash Cards

SanDisk Corporation will supply HP with 16MB CompactFlash (CF) memory cards to be included with each new HP Photo-Smart C912 and HP PhotoSmart C618 digital camera sold. The CF cards will serve as the digital film for HP’s new cameras, store high-resolution images and support state capabilities. SanDisk CompactFlash memory cards are currently available in capacities ranging from 4MB to 128MB. For more information, call (408) 542-0500, or visit

FabricReady Partner Program

McDATA Corp. introduced a new level of support for implementing storage area networks (SANs) in an open system environment with its FabricReady Partner program. Strategic partners who participate in the FabricReady Partner program will be able to leverage the hardware and software applications testing done to ensure the completeness of their own evaluations. McDATA includes the major components of a SAN, from host bus adapters to storage systems and key software applications. For more information, visit

HP VISUALIZE Workstations

HP introduces the HP VISUALIZE C3600 and J5600 workstations. The advanced technical-computing workstations are based on the PA-8600 RISC processor and offer a 38 percent performance increase over HP’s PA-8500 RISC processor. The HP VISUALIZE C3600 and J5600 workstations feature up to 8GB of SDRAM and a total on-chip cache of 1.5MB for reduced latency and increased perform-ance. Both workstations support the HP VISUALIZE fxe, fx4 Pro and fx6 Pro graphics subsystems.

HP has also introduced the HP VISUALIZE B2000 workstation for UNIX, which features the HP VISUALIZE fxe full-featured graphics subsystem. The HP VISUALIZE B2000 system provides engineers and designers in Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and Mechanical Design Automation (MDA) with a balance of graphics, power, stability, price and computing performance in a UNIX system. For more information, visit

HP, TROY Extend JetSend Protocol

HP and TROY Group announced TROY Group’s NetSend line of Internet print servers, which allow a wide range of non-HP and HP printers to communicate via HP JetSend. JetSend is an open communications protocol developed by HP that allows two devices to communicate directly with each other, without a PC or software drivers. For more information, visit, or


Hammer Storage offers the SLPRO12-FC/FC-FT Fibre Channel RAID storage subsystem for digital media applications. The SLPRO12-FC/FC-FT is a fault-tolerant, 19-inch, rack mountable, desktop or tower Fibre Channel storage subsystem. It supports up to 12 FCAL disk drives per enclosure and has a storage capacity of 600GB per enclosure, expandable up to 25 TBs.

The SLPRO12-FC/FC-FT also includes the JackHammer host bus adapter and a Fibre Channel to Fibre Channel RAID controller. The SLPRO12-FC/FC-FT supports RAID levels 0,0+1, 1, 3, 5, 10, 30 and 50 with online capacity expansion and an easy-to-use configuration utility. For more information, call (510) 608-4000, or visit

PowerTerm Pro Version 8.0

Ericom Software’s PowerTerm Pro version 8.0 is designed to incorporate Microsoft’s Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). PowerTerm Pro 8.0 maximizes enterprisewide productivity by enabling access to accounting, inventory, management, transaction processing and other mission-critical legacy systems. It allows users to move data from a terminal-legacy document into a PC-based program using the VBA technology.

PowerTerm Pro 8.0 runs on Windows 95/98/NT and Windows 2000 and supports IBM Mainframe, IBM AS/400, UNIX, DEC VAX/VMS, SCO and Data General. For more information, call (201) 525-5511, or visit

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