Bluestone Releases Updated Java Deployment Tool

Joanna Doyle

Bluestone Software (Philadelphia) has announced general availability of its Universal Business Server (UBS) version 7.0. The product is a 100 percent pure Java application server deployment engine and a central component of Bluestone products including the XML Suite, Sapphire/Web and Total-e-Business (TeB).

β€œJ2EE is the foundation of choice for enterprise applications, thanks to platform portability, software reusability, broad vendor support and reduced training costs,” says Bob Bickel, executive technology officer and senior VP of products for Bluestone Software. β€œTo those benefits, Bluestone Universal Business Server for TeB adds significant performance and usability advantages to innovative implementations of EJB 1.1 and JSP 1.1. Our EJB server is optimized for Web and XML-based applications.”

UBS is the cornerstone for Bluestone's Application Server architecture. It is a deployment tool that allows users to automatically scale applications to adjust to changing requirements, balance loads to prevent performance downturns, and manage transactions.

Bluestone has employed open standards in the new release to allow greater portability between hardware and reduced development and deployment costs. UBS release 7.0 for the Total-e-Business platform is compatible with the latest J2EE specifications and supports Enterprise Java Beans 1.1, Java Server Pages 1.1 and Java Servlets 2.2.

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