IBM Claims to be First to Support New Java

Jim Martin

Continuing to provide the latest technologies to its customers, IBM announced it will be delivering applications written in the latest version of Java to run across a variety of platforms, which according to IBM, makes it the first company to broadly support this new Java technology.

Overall, IBM will deliver nine Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) that support Java Standard Edition version 1.3. A JVM is the technology that lies between the application and the operating system to give Java its cross-platform capabilities.

“Being the first to offer a broad line of production level 1.3 JVMs to the market underscores IBM’s commitment to delivering industry leading, fully compliant Java technology,” says Rod Smith, VP, Java software at IBM. “The need for cross-platform computing is becoming more evident as e-businesses continue to interact with e-marketplaces.”

IBM will roll out its Java 1.3 support with offerings for Windows, Linux, AIX, and OS/390 in June. OS/400 support will come later in the summer, followed shortly by OS/2. Three additional JVMs for Intel’s Itanium processor will be available later in the year.

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