Packeteer Teams With Attachmate

Packeteer Inc., a provider of Internet application infrastructure systems, has teamed with Attachmate to integrate their PacketShaper bandwidth management products with Attachmate's back-office connectivity products to provide an e-business application management solution.

Under the terms of Packeteer's Solutions Partner agreement, Attachmate's Enterprise and Unisys product groups will market PacketShaper products and services to Attachmate's base of leading Fortune 500 and Global 2000 business customers. The addition of PacketShaper products with Attachmate's e-Vantage platform will increase the performance of Attachmate's e-business solutions by allowing Attachmate customers to set and enforce host application Quality of Service (QoS) bandwidth priorities through policy setting.

"This agreement with Packeteer extends Attachmate's market leadership by enabling us to deliver Quality of Service for the direct real-time integration of e-business applications that require access to back-office systems," says Larry Schuiski, Senior Vice President of Products for Attachmate. "Our customers will be able to establish service levels to control the performance of their mission-critical, Web-to-host, telnet and e-business applications."

PacketShaper is a bandwidth management solution that allocates network bandwidth to business-critical applications, while controlling non-critical applications. This allows network managers to ensure the performance of critical or interactive traffic, while limiting less urgent traffic.

The centerpiece of the Attachmate e-Vantage family is the Host Access Server, which provides centralized management of enterprisewide host access through any combination of thick, thin or custom clients. Attachmate e-Vantage products and services enable companies to rapidly and cost-effectively capture opportunities and create competitive advantage through Internet solutions that securely leverage the existing corporate assets locked up in enterprise systems.

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